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yellow powder sequence-specific human diseases DMT-dA(Bz)-CE Reverse Phosphoramidite


Our company's product DMT-Da (Bz) -Ce Reverse Phosphoramidite has the following characteristics: Yellow powder sequence-specific human Diseases The products produced by our company are of very high purity.Our company's products are deeply trusted by customers, and also have certain trust protection.We can not only provide you with quality after-sales service, but also according to your needs to customize products.


Molecular Weight: 857.95

Molecular Formula:C47H52N7O7P

Appearance: White to off-white powder

Application: medical intermediate

Delivery Time: Customized

Package: inside: glass bottle outside: paper drum

Port: any port in China

Purity: ≥95%

Storage: store at -20°C

Transportation: CIF by air or DAP by courier, FOB, EX W Etc.


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