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for energy metabolism fda approved phase 3 Benzyl 3-hydroxyazetidine-1-carboxylate

Molecular Formula C11H13NO3
Benzyl 3-hydroxyazetidine-1-carboxylate
Molecular Weight:207.23
  • CAS:128117-22-6

Small size N-heterocyclic ring is an important structure in organic synthesis and pharmaceutical chemistry. Palladium-catalyzed unfunctional lystal amine precursor C-H bond molecularized nearest attractive new method to N-heterocyclic synthesis. However, the reactivity of the high-priced PD intermediate is controlled to form the method of forming the desired C-N ring product is selectively still poor. Here, we report a strategy for controlling the reduction elimination (RE) pathway in the high-priced PD catalysis, and applies the strategy by N-benzylpyridamide PD-catalyzed molecular CH amination to achieve high straintened tetraenzene Azolamide. These reactions represent the first actual synthesis method of benzole, and can obtain a series of composite benzidine from a suitable raw material. The use of a newly designed benzethyl dimethyl dialatine agent is critical because Pd (II) palladium and the palladium of the reagent are advantageous for dynamic C-N loop to obtain a strain ring closure product.


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