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crosslinking agents heterobifunctional 95% CBZ-PEG36-CH2CH2COOH


Diabetes is a common and frequently occurring disease in modern society, and its pathogenesis is complicated. Modern medicine believes that diabetes requires long-term or lifelong medication. In the current diabetes treatment environment, traditional methods only require that hypoglycemic drugs have no cardiovascular risk, and there are no special requirements for curative effects. The situation of "lowering blood sugar but not curing the disease" is common. Taking China as an example, among diabetic patients, it is estimated that 60% of the patients have not been diagnosed, 23% have not received treatment, 11% have not achieved the effect, and only 6% have achieved the expected effect. The incidence of diabetic urine is high but the diagnosis and treatment rate is very Low. The emergence of chemistry-active solution liraglutide intermediates provides new possibilities for the treatment of diabetes.

product name
synonymsCbz-N-amido-PEG20-acid;Cbz-nh-peg(20)-cooh;CBZ-NH-PEG12-CH2CH2COOH;amino-dPEG 16-acid;CBZ-NH-PEG12-propionic acid;CBZ-NH-PEG24-CH2CH2COOH;CBZ-NH-PEG36-CH2CH2COOH;Cbz-NH-PEG12-C2-acid


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