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What are the characteristics of Fmoc-PEG

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Diabetes mellitus is a chronic, comprehensive disease caused by absolute or relative insulin deficiency or reduced insulin sensitivity of target cells, with type 2 diabetes mellitus occurring as a result of a combination of peripheral insulin resistance and beta-cell function defects. The use of glucose-lowering drugs can well control the rise in blood glucose and thus help patients return to a normal life. Fmoc-PEG is a widely used medical intermediate in glucose-lowering drugs. And do you know what the characteristics of Fmoc-PEG are?

Here is the content list:

•Optimising drug molecules

•PEG modifications


Optimizing drug molecules

Most protein-based drugs, peptides, and chemical drugs have problems that they cannot overcome when they work, such as short cycles of action, high immunogenicity, and toxic side effects. Fmoc-PEG is a non-toxic, unique physicochemical property and biocompatible drug molecule that is chemically linked to proteins, peptides, small molecules, and liposomes, i.e. PEGylated, which increases the biological half-life of the drug molecule and reduces its toxic effects.

PEG modifications

Fmoc-PEG has been most studied for the PEG modification of proteins. As early as the 1970s, Davies and Abuchowsky et al. found that PEG-modified proteins were more effective than the unmodified prototypes. When polyethylene glycol is coupled to the surface of a drug molecule, it endows the modified Fmoc-PEG with its excellent properties, modifies the biodistribution behavior and solubility of Fmoc-PEG in aqueous solution, creates a barrier around the modified Fmoc-PEG, reduces the enzymatic degradation of the drug molecule, prevents its rapid elimination in renal metabolism and allows the drug molecule to be recognized by immune cells. Thus PEG-modified medical intermediates have a great advantage over unmodified ones.


Fmoc-PEG has greater biological activity, its longer half-life allows people to take the drug less often and reduces side effects. Fmoc-PEG is less immunogenic, less antigenic, and less toxic to help reduce allergic reactions and its better solubility helps people to absorb the drug. The amino group on the surface of protein molecules has a high nucleophilic activity and is, therefore, the most frequently modified group in protein chemical modification. A comparison of the inhibition of cell growth after PEG modification at different concentrations showed that the proliferation of cells was better after PEG modification than before. Therefore, the effect of hypoglycaemic drugs with Fmoc-PEG is even better.

With the gradual improvement of people's living conditions. The number of people suffering from diabetes is increasing. Due to overeating, the body's metabolism is deranged, which can increase the risk of the disease. In addition, the frequent consumption of high-calorie foods, which leads to obesity and an increased incidence of diabetes, are subjective causes of diabetes. Therefore, the use of glucose-lowering drugs in clinical practice is increasing, and Fmoc-PEG, as a medical intermediate for glucose-lowering drugs, has an increasing market prospect and medical value. If you need Fmoc-PEG, you can consider our cost-effective products. Chengdu Pukang Biotechnology Co., Ltd are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries. Chengdu Pukang Biotechnology Co., Ltd was founded in 2008 and it is located in the national cross-strait science and technology industry development park——Cross-Strait Science and Technology Park, Wenjiang District, Chengdu,specializing in the long-term development of peptide drugs for chronic disease.

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