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Preparation of Long-acting side-chain molecular block library

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Preparation of Long-acting side-chain molecular block library

Long-acting side-chain molecular block library drugs are mainly peptide hormones, such as salmon calcitonin, growth inhibitor, human hyperglycemia, contraction hormone, and so on. With the continuous development of new drugs, the development of peptide drugs has been extended to various fields of disease prevention and treatment such as anti-tumor peptides, anti-viral peptides, peptide vaccines, cytokine mimetic peptides, anti-bacterial active peptides, diagnostic peptides, weight loss peptides, etc. We will now take a look at the preparation of the Long-acting side-chain molecular block library. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l Extraction methods

l Chemical synthesis

l Liquid-phase synthesis

Extraction methods

A significant proportion of the Long-acting side-chain molecular block library is extracted from plants and animals, for example, insulin from pig pancreas. The purity of the Long-acting side-chain molecular block library obtained by extraction is low and the amount of peptides in the organism is very small. Therefore, bio-extracted peptide technology has been gradually replaced by chemical synthesis or recombinant technology.

Chemical synthesis

Long-acting side-chain molecular block library consists of amino acids, whether the peptide is produced naturally by the organism Long-acting side-chain molecular block library or synthetically Long-acting side-chain molecular block library, all have different amino acids linked by amide bonds in a certain order. The amide bond is formed when the amino group of one amino acid and the carboxyl group of another amino acid are stripped of one part of their water. The chemical synthesis of the biology compound 98% drug long-acting crystal, therefore, focuses on the activation or protection of the amino and carboxyl groups at the right place and at the right time. In the second step, the carboxyl group is activated to become the active intermediate; in the third step, the protected group is deprotected. The peptide is then purified by high-performance liquid chromatography.

Liquid-phase synthesis

The liquid-phase synthesis of the Long-acting side-chain molecular block library is mainly carried out in solution, with two strategies: stepwise synthesis and fragment assembly. These two strategies are often used in combination. Several short peptide fragments are first synthesized by stepwise synthesis. The fragments are then combined to form the target peptide in the previous step. The liquid-phase synthesis method is convenient, rapid, and highly pure, and is suitable for short target peptides where a large number of peptides need to be synthesized.

Solid-phase synthesis of research innovative powder drugs involves immobilizing the N terminus of an amino acid on an insoluble resin and then condensing the amino acid sequentially on this resin. Solid-phase synthesis has become a common technique in peptide and protein synthesis. Especially for the synthesis of long-acting side-chain molecular block libraries or proteins, solid-phase synthesis shows advantages that are unmatched by classical liquid phase synthesis methods.

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