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Micelle type of Boc-PEG

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Boc-PEG has brought many important effects to our production and life. Among them, Boc-PEG is one of its uses as a pharmaceutical intermediate. So what is the type of micelle of Boc-PEG? Next, let us take a look.

Here is that the content:

l Ultrasound sensitive Boc-PEG micelles

l Light-sensitive Boc-PEG micelles

l Redox sensitive Boc-PEG micelles

Ultrasound sensitive Boc-PEG micelles

Ultrasound stimulation mainly has two mechanisms: the continuous ultrasonic effect that produces heat and the effect of mechanically crushing lipids. The drug-loaded micellar solution was injected into the vein and heated with continuous ultrasound at the tumor site. The result was that the drug was released in large quantities only at the treatment site without any toxic side effects on other normal tissues. The drug-loaded micelles can remain stable at a physiological temperature of 37°C, and when the temperature rises to 40°C, the drugs in the micelles begin to be released.

Light-sensitive Boc-PEG micelles

Such Boc-PEG micelles can respond quickly to external light stimuli because they contain light-sensitive groups. The physical and chemical properties of these Boc-PEGs will change under light stimulation. For example, azobenzene can undergo reversible dipole changes, benzyl esters can reversibly dissociate, and cinnamates can reversibly dimerize. The micelle structure changes accordingly. The intelligent control of the timing, speed, and point of micelles can be realized by controlling factors such as the frequency, intensity, and time of the irradiated light. Boc-PEG synthesizes a block polymer containing photosensitive groups by the ATRP living polymerization method. The study found that the newly introduced pyrene ester bond in the block copolymer solution is easily broken under ultraviolet light irradiation, resulting in hydrophobic micelles. The phase transforms to the hydrophilic phase and dissociates, allowing the drug to be released at the target site.

Redox sensitive Boc-PEG micelles

This type of Boc-PEG can quickly respond to the stimulation of the redox potential changes in the intracellular environment. This Boc-PEG micelle is functionalized by introducing redox groups (such as lipoic acid) between the hydrophilic and hydrophobic segments of the main chain of the synthesized degradable amphiphilic block copolymer or on the side chain. The disulfide bond in its structure is easily recognized by endocytosis and breaks and dissolves in the lysosome. In the process of preparing Boc-PEG micelles, a small amount of DTT is often added to crosslink the disulfide bonds in the lipoic acid structure to ensure better stability of the micelles. However, if the test is performed under simulated reduction conditions, the cross-linking bond can be destroyed, and the Boc-PEG micelles can quickly dissociate, releasing the drug and becoming a pharmaceutical intermediate.

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