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Experiment hydrophilic liquid Boc-NH-PEG3-CH2COOH


Boc-NH-PEG3-CH2COOH can be used for experimental production, the product has the characteristics of hydrophilicity, and its character is liquid.Synthesis of synthetic resin glycol alkyl salt (Ms-PEG-Ms). 5.1 g of Boc-PEG was dissolved in seventy-five milliliters of chloride, and 8.4 milliliters of triethylamine was extra beneath ice-bath conditions. When stirring, 2.4 milliliter of MsCl was extra dropwise. The reaction was dispensed at a temperature of twenty-four h beneath argonon protection. When the reaction is terminated, the triethylamine coordination compound is removed by filtration, and also the filtrate is precipitated with ether, washed a pair of to three times, and dried in a very vacuum to get straw Ms-PEG-Ms with a yield of nearly 100 percent amination. Dissolve five g of the synthesized Ms-PEG-Mls in a very one hundred milliliters of autoclaves, and react at 120 °C for ten hours. When the reaction is terminated, extract three times with chloride, mix the organic layers, then wash four times with water. The organic layer is rotary gaseous, precipitated with ether, and dried in vacuo to get white NH-PEG-NH, with a yield of nearly an hour.


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