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Definition and application of Long-chain aliphatic alkanes

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Long-chain aliphatic alkanes are the most widely used aliphatic hydrocarbons in the petrochemical industry, especially ethylene, propylene, and C4 and C5 conjugated olefins. The aliphatic hydrocarbons are hydrocarbons with a chain-like carbon skeleton, and alkanes with the basic properties of aliphatic compounds are called Long-chain aliphatic alkanes. Do you know anything about Long-chain aliphatic alkanes? Would you like to know what applications it can be used for? Next, let's go through the definition and applications of Long-chain aliphatic alkanes.

Here is the content list:

l General knowledge about Long-chain aliphatic alkanes and their definition.

l What are the applications of Long-chain aliphatic alkanes?

General knowledge about Long-chain aliphatic alkanes and their definition.

Long-chain aliphatic alkanes are generally yellow liquid or white to off-white powder and are used in pharmaceutical intermediates. We can deliver to any port in China and our production capacity is 1kg or more, with purity greater than or equal to 98%, single impurities less than or equal to 0.3% (except acids), and isomers less than or equal to 0.1%. I recommend storage below -20°C. We ship by various means such as CIF air, DAP express, FOB, EX W, etc.

Long-chain aliphatic alkanes are hydrocarbons that have the basic properties of aliphatic compounds. They are also called reagent compound solutions because they were first extracted from fats, while aliphatic hydrocarbons and their derivatives (including halogenated hydrocarbons) are called aliphatic compounds. Aliphatic compounds, in which the carbon atoms are arranged in straight, branched, or cyclic chains, are called straight-chain aliphatic alkanes, branched-chain aliphatic alkanes, and Long-chain aliphatic alkanes respectively.

What are the applications of Long-chain aliphatic alkanes?

Long-chain aliphatic alkanes are generally saturated straight-chain alkanes containing 10 or more carbon atoms with carboxyl functional groups at both ends and are used in a wide range of chemical products such as synthetic fragrances, special nylon engineering plastics, hot-melt adhesives, coatings, plasticizers, and premium lubricants. Due to its long alkane chain, it has better properties than short-chain dibasic acids, making the corresponding synthetic materials have superior performance, and is therefore widely used in chemical, light industry, national defense, automotive industry, engineering materials, and other fields. Medicine innovative 99% pharmacy low side effects do not exist alone in nature and are currently produced industrially by chemical synthesis and fermentation. Long-chain aliphatic alkanes are synthesized by traditional organic synthesis, biotechnological conversion, olefin reforming, isomerization hydroxy carbonylation, and polyethylene end group functionalization.

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