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Boc-PEG micelles responsive to environmental stimulus

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The environmental response behavior of Boc-PEG micelles is mainly reflected in the fact that they can change with external stimulus signals and have functional selectivity. Boc-PEG micellar molecules can be designed and modified according to actual needs. In addition to regulating the functional structural units in the molecular chain through a single functional polymer, it can also realize a variety of functional polymers in the form of Boc-PEG. The polymerization of the polymer to prepare a polymer micelle with multiple sensitivities. What is the environmental stimulus Boc-PEG micelle? Next, let us take a look.

Here is that the content:

l PH-sensitive Boc-PEG micelles

l Temperature sensitive Boc-PEG micelles

PH-sensitive Boc-PEG micelles

The pH-sensitive Boc-PEG micelle carrier contains a large number of acidic groups (such as -COOH) and basic groups (such as -NH2) that are easily dissociated or protonated. The degree of ionization of the group changes with the pH value of the solution, which causes the conformation of the molecular chain to change accordingly. Because the pH of a normal human tissue environment is about 7.4, for solid tumor tissues, most of the pH is about 7.0, so the pH response value of Boc-PEG micelles is best 7.0. But when the Boc-PEG micelles enter the cell, the nanoparticles will encounter lysosomes and endosomes. Their pH values are between 5.0 and 6.0, so a lower pH response value is required to take advantage of the difference between pH environments. Complex pH-sensitive drug carriers can be designed to achieve pH-sensitive tumor-targeting or another specific organ targeting. Therefore, pH-sensitive nano Boc-PEG micelles are often used in drug, gene, protein, and other drug delivery systems.

Temperature sensitive Boc-PEG micelles

Temperature-sensitive Boc-PEG micelles refer to a type of Boc-PEG whose solution undergoes a phase change process from dissolved to insoluble when the temperature of the solution changes. The phase change process of temperature-sensitive polymers in aqueous solutions usually has two phenomena: When the temperature is higher than a certain critical temperature, the polymer changes from dissolution to insoluble, this temperature is called the lowest critical solution temperature (LCST); on the contrary, it is called the highest critical solution temperature (UCST). Typical polymers mainly include poly N-isopropyl acrylamide (PNIPAM) and polypropylene oxide (PPO) series. Generally, the temperature of tumor tissue is higher than that of normal tissue, so temperature-sensitive micelles can achieve specific targeting. The bond group is a necessary condition for temperature-sensitive properties. Among them, PNIPAM is the most classic temperature-sensitive polymer. Its aqueous solution LCST is about 32℃ in water, that is, PNIPAM is not soluble in water because of its hydrophobicity above this temperature. On the contrary, it is hydrophilic and easy to dissolve. Therefore, the hydrogen bonding force between the amide groups is dominant and a loose coil structure is formed. When the temperature rises above the LCST, the hydrophobic layer is formed due to the enhanced hydrophobic interaction within and between the molecules, and the loose coil structure is gradually changed. Converted into a dense Boc-PEG micellar structure, water molecules are discharged from the hydrophobic layer and a phase change occurs, resulting in Boc-PEG temperature sensitivity.

Chengdu Pukang has a professional R&D team with first-class technology, rich experience, and innovative ideas, which can meet the various needs of customers from custom synthesis to mass production. Parking has sufficient resources to provide process development, optimization, and scale-up production. The R & D will cooperate with the production to solve the problems encountered in the pilot scale-up process. We are more professional, more efficient to provide customers with high-quality products. The above is about environmental stimulation response Boc-PEG For the related content of micelles, if you are interested in Boc-PEG, you can consult our website, our website It is www.pu-kang.com.

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Chengdu Pukang has a professional R&D team with rich experience, and innovative ideas, which can meet the various needs of customers from custom synthesis to mass production.
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